Application Enrollment FAQs

1. Now that I have been approved by End User Services as the Authorized Official for an organization provider, why am I still not able to access the organization's Medicare enrollment record?
The organization's Medicare enrollment record is not accessible until the organization's Security Consent Form has been signed by you and approved by External User Services. See the following question if you have not downloaded the Security Consent Form.
2. Now that I have been approved by End User Services as the Authorized Official, how do I generate the Security Consent Form that is required to access the organization's enrollment?
   Option 1 - Upon logging into Internet-based PECOS, select "Account Management". On the next screen select "Request access to Medicare provider enrollment records via a Security Consent Form (SCF)" and click on the "Next" button. On the next screen select, the organization for which you wish to generate the Security Consent Form and click the "Next" button.
   Option 2 - If there is enough enrollment information on record for this organization there will be an option to "View and Print Security Consent Form". If not, return to the Home page and select "My Enrollments". During the submission process after completing the "New Application", in addition to being able to View and Print the "Certification Statement for Provider/Supplier Organizations" there will be an option to View and Print the "Security Consent Form".
3. Do I have to submit a separate enrollment for each of my organization's NPI numbers under the same Tax Identification Number?
The answer to this question depends on the types of providers or suppliers that are enrolling. This is a policy question which needs to be answered by your designated Medicare contractor.
4. I have submitted an Internet-based enrollment application and realize that some of the information I provided is incorrect. How do I make the corrections to the enrollment?
Once the enrollment has been submitted, you cannot make changes to it until the Medicare contractor has begun processing it. You can check to see if the application is "in process" by using Internet-based PECOS or you can call the Medicare contractor and ask how to correct the information.
5.Does my organization have an enrollment record in Internet-based PECOS? If not, how to do I establish a record in Internet-based PECOS?
If your organization does not have an enrollment record in Internet-based PECOS, you can establish one in one of two ways:
    Option 1 - Submit an enrollment application over the Internet using Internet-based PECOS. Please review the information available at Internet-based PECOS, the Medicare Provider/Supplier Enrollment section before attempting to use Internet-based PECOS. Note that the access procedures differ significantly for physicians and other professionals and provider/supplier organizations.
   Option 2 - Submit a paper Medicare provider/supplier enrollment application (CMS-855) to your designated Medicare contractor.
6. Why do we need to do have enrollment records in Internet-based PECOS?
One of the goals of CMS is to have all enrolled Part A and Part B providers and suppliers in the national Medicare provider/supplier enrollment system, which is Internet-based PECOS. Those who are enrolled in Medicare but who do not have enrollment records in Internet-based PECOS only have enrollment files at their local Medicare contractors. The CMS uses the data for a variety of business purposes; some examples are to help Medicare beneficiaries locate Medicare-enrolled physicians or other practitioners identify providers or suppliers who may wish to participate with Medicare in legislatively mandated demonstrations projects, and to conduct provider satisfaction surveys). For CMS to meet current and future requirements, PECOS must be fully populated.
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